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Beautifully handcrafted items made with love

About us

Gifts by Beulah is your one-stop gift shop, offering you unique handmade gifts for all your loved ones.
We are here to provide you with special gift options for all ages and all occasions, creating a stress free gift shopping experience.

With nothing but big dreams for Beulah, there is still a lot of products and gifts coming your way.
Our goal is to not only deliver locally made handmade products, but it is also to create an opportunity for others to use their talents and make an extra income. We hope to continuously grow together and getting more small business owners and young entrepreneurs involved countrywide.

Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement, because of you Gifts by Beulah became a reality. Thank you for Supporting small businesses and supporting local.

Meet Janica Naudé

Meet Janica Naude, Founder & Owner of Gifts by Beulah.

I grew up on a farm outside Montagu. I either spend school holidays with my parents in South Africa or my father somewhere in Namibia.
I definitely got my love for art and creating things from my mother. I always found new ways to be creative and never stopped experimenting through arts. My mother taught me new art techniques and showed me all the tips.

At the age of twelve I had my first crochet lesson in town, my mother tried to teach me but with her being left handed and me being right handed, that was a challenge itself. In grade 10 on our June school holidays I crocheted a double bed blanket which started to be only a scarf. As I ran out of wool we had to stop in every town to get wool for the next few rows. This is where my love for handmade products were born. Each handmade product carries such a special story and love with each stitch.

On my 21st birthday during the 2020 lockdown my mother gave me y first sewing machine. I started small by making masks and as my confidence grew and I gained more courage to sew bigger projects.
Between all the crochet and sewing projects in lockdown, Beulah was born.

A month of good business and orders flooding in I soon realised that this is not meant to be a one women show. I saw an opportunity to give other young entrepreneurs and small business owners with the same love a chance to make an extra income.
Today, I am grateful for all the talented strong people working with me, investing in a small business helping it grow every day.

Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement, because of you Gifts by Beulah became a reality.


We love getting young entrepreneurs and small businesses involved.
If you are a creator of any handmade items and gifting products, we would love to get you on board.

Please send us a message along with your catalogue.

WhatsApp: 0622381638

Why Buy Handmade Goods?

Buy more Handmade Goods!

Handmade items are special and unique. It adds value and love to any gift.
By buying Handmade Goods you are supporting Local as well as a Small Business. During this time it is important to support each other.

Above all Handmade goods makes the perfect gift!

Why are Handmade Goods “so expensive”?

When buying handmade goods it is important to keep in mind how much valuable time and creativity went into each item.
Materials are expensive, and the first try isn’t always successful, a lot of trial and error is present when making handmade goods.
Every single item is unique as it is impossible to crochet or mold soaps exactly the same as the previous one.

When buying handmade goods you do not only receive an item. You receive love, pride, valuable time including something special and unique.

Handmade Goods make perfect gifts

There’s just something about receiving a handmade item on your Birthday or Christmas.
That extra-special feeling.

It is completely unique and carries love, it reminds you of home.

At Gifts by Beulah we offer all the perfect handmade gifts to create that special feeling with quality products.